Thursday, 14 May 2009

Quiz Manager

My first post...

I have a free 'Pub Management' program that over 100 people have downloaded so far.

I have just updated it and want to let even more people use it, and to let the present users know that an upgrade is available.

The downside of giving this away free seems to be that anyone that has downloaded it does not let me know if there are any problems, or even if it is any good.

There must be lots of people out there that enjoy quizzing.
This program runs on any windows machine, it has no spyware, no registration, no viruses, and no modifications to the system registry.

So I've started this blog to see if there is any interest out there in the program, and allow me to communicate with the users to improve the program.

I can see that we can use this blog to rectify any faults, to implement from a wish list, and to let people know when updates are available.

So lets see what happens........

( the current old version is free to download on the web site)

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